Favourite Frames Of 2017

2017 was yet another incredible year filled with amazing weddings and couples that we are beyond grateful to have experienced. The couples, families and individuals that asked us to be apart of their journey and help tell their stories will forever leave a mark on our hearts. Most days we can’t believe we get to do what we love everyday. We love photography, yes, but we love the people more. Each year our work has brought so many inspiring souls into our lives that truly change us and make us want to be better. Being apart of so much love opens our eyes & our hearts on how to be a good human. They show us the many ways to love and what true respect is. This year we were fortunate it enough to capture love in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Toronto, Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Victoria, Vancouver, Squamish, Mexico, Cambridge, Hamilton, Lakefield, Muskoka and Sudbury. 2018 brings even more travel and some places we’ve never been before. We are so grateful to all those that support us, and to all the amazing wedding professionals in this industry that make it one of the best industries ever.


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