we are

ally + Nicholas

We’re two humans who met, fell in love with each other and fell in love with creating a life together.

A life of healing, art, evolution and human connection.

Who Are We?


We're spiritual human beings, best friends, husband + wife, nature loving, relationship building, daydreaming free spirit artists and energy healers who live nomadically traveling in our fifth wheel. We’ve been together for 11 years and have been documenting love for the last decade together.

We both grew up in Northern Ontario, and met in Toronto in 2011. We fell hard and moved in together within a few months. We lived in Toronto for 5 years together and traveled to some gorgeous parts of the world. We’ve lived in New York City (which is where we got engaged) then moved to Tokyo and then Thailand. After our travels, we moved to the Niagara Region which is where we got married and lived for a few years. We moved back to Northern Ontario in 2021 and owned a home in Muskoka before we sold that home to live nomadically in our RV!

We currently live presently and nomadically journeying through North America. We're following the sunshine.

The people we meet, the connections we make and the love we are fortunate enough to feel is why we are passionate about both our photography and energy work.

This art has allowed us to connect with so many incredible souls and witness an overwhelming amount of inspiring human connection. Being a part of hundreds of celebrations has taught us about life and love.

Our artistic journey began as a healing journey, and continued to show us the importance of energy healing. Yoga, Breath-Work, Reiki and Human Design are not only a huge part of our lives, but a very influential part of our business and art.

We want to combine our love of capturing souls with our love of energy healing and human connection. Photography is the practice of capturing energy, and has taught us the importance of our auras.

What We Love

What Inspires Us?

Our Why

  • Human Connection
  • Our pup Yogi
  • Reiki, Breath Work + Human Design
  • Yoga
  • RV Life
  • Nature
  • Hiking
  • Beach Life
  • Small acts of kindness
  • Music
  • Daily dance parties
  • Food + snacks (especially hummus + a good spread)
  • Travel
  • Connection
  • Natural Light
  • The Earth
  • The Human Spirit
  • Love
  • The incredible people we surround ourselves with
  • Travel + culture
  • Our constant long discussions of love + life
  • Each other
  • To make people feel loved
  • To inspire
  • To spread happiness
  • To connect + grow as humans
  • To help people share their authentic love stories
  • To help others heal and align with their authentic selves

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