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Our 11 year journey as artists and small business owners has created a passion in helping others do the same. We have made the mistakes, we have seen the successes and we're here to help you build a business of passion that supports you in your energetic alignment.

From one-one-one mentorship sessions, to a 6 month or 1 year long mentorship experience, we are here to help you in your manifestations. Our mentorship offerings are designed towards your specific goals and desires.

Our mentorship offerings allow for the support to streamline your business in a way that works you.

A 5 hour mentorship session where we connect on any areas in your art and business you feel you need help in. If you're looking to focus on client interaction, camera function and working with natural light, we will set up a session with a couple with you and go over everything from shoot preparation to upload. If you're wanting assistance in editing, we can have a session going over editing, workflow and software. If you need business assistance, we can spend the day answering questions of marketing, insurance, etc.

If you're looking to focus on a specific area you feel you need to give some extra loving and receive some fresh perspectives, we'd love to connect to see how we can help you in your journey.

one-on-one mentorship


A full year experience together as we help you grow your business no matter where you are in your journey. Whether picking up a camera for the first time, or wanting to grow your existing business, our year long mentorship programs are designed towards your goals and energy.

We focus on building a strong foundation to encourage and allow for growth in your art and business.During our year long mentorship program we help you in the growth of your photography focusing on equipment, camera function, shooting techniques, how to use natural light, different lighting situations, editing, client interaction, client experience and all areas of your business from marketing, brand development, software, website and portfolio, and more. This mentorship program also includes access to any workshops we host during our time together.

Our mentorship programs also include a Human Design reading to give you more insight into your energy and how best to use your energy in your art and business. Understanding our Human Designs has allowed us to move with more efficiency, given us tools as we navigate the changes of life, and assisted us in turning our manifestations into creations.

We love to stay connected to witness your evolution, and help your art and business grow in any way we can. If you're feeling like you've always wanted to turn your passion into a sustainable business to support your life and creations, or if you're in a place in your business where you need help coming into alignment with your next steps, we'd love to connect to see how we can help you.

year long mentorship


6 month mentorship


A 6 month mentorship program where we are your go to people in your art and business, focusing on the areas in your business that need the most attention. This would include a styled session, editing and workflow, business and brand development, client interaction and connection, working with natural light and any others areas you feel you need and want to grow.

In our longer term mentorship programs we include a Human Design Reading as we believe it is so impactful and important to understand your energy when building and creating your business. A Human Design Reading and any healing offerings can be added to any mentorship session or long term offering.


Ontario,Canada + Beyond

A mentorship with Ally + Nicholas is one of the most inspiring and uplifting experiences you will ever do. To start, both of these humans are the most incredible souls to spend time with and their energy is unparalleled. Their knowledge of photography in all aspects is vast and ensures that you are in the right hands from the start. Whether you are just starting out in your business, like I was, or an experienced photographer wanting to learn something new, these two are your people!

I did the year long mentorship program since I was just starting out in my business and it was essential to my success now! They are superb teachers who will be there for you in any way you may need them! They are kind and patient teachers and make you truly see your own potential, it is such a rare combination. These two will help with any area your business might need from website and branding to how they capture their beautiful moments using light. The mentorship includes hands-on photography sessions so I learned all camera basics and functions as well as how to capture couples authentically. They helped me create my website, my brand and are there for any questions at all. As I started booking sessions through their support, they were always there to help with the booking process. Their marketing expertise is so helpful when it comes to elements like your social media! From top to bottom, they are your people, your point of reference, and your biggest cheerleaders!

I would not be where I am today without these two wonderful humans, your life will only get better having them a part of it! They have over a decade of wedding experience and your business will grow with this wealth of knowledge at your fingertips! You will have these two as friends for life as well as a thriving business. I love these two from the bottom of my heart and I can't wait for more people to see why!

Sudbury,Ontario, Canada + Beyond

I truly cannot fathom how thankful and grateful I am for these two. When I sit and truly allow myself to sit with the feelings that I feel for them, I get emotional. Taking the plunge and deciding to invest in their mentorship program was and is life changing. Photography has always been an interest of mine, and seeing them thrive in their element fuelled my fire, ignited my drive, and allowed me to realize that photography is more than an interest, but a passion of mine. A career that will and already is bringing me so much fulfillment and happiness. Nick and Ally are truly the greatest mentors - in photography and in life.

From the moment I confessed my passion to them and told them I wanted to do their mentorship program, they were so supportive and genuinely happy for me. The time and effort that they have clearly put into building and creating this mentorship program is extremely respectable.

They share more than just how to take great photos; they share how to be a business owner and what comes with it (which is a lot), they share the equipment and programs that they use, help with client contracts and invoicing, they review and edit client photos and send you videos on what changes they’ve made and why, they help formulate client outreach and response emails, they help with wedding photography planning, they give you access to their workshops via the mentorship - they seriously do it all. When I initially reached out I knew the mentorship would be great, but they’ve truly exceeded and are continuing to exceed my expectations. I look up to them in so many ways, mentors in business and life; two incredible people who truly live by their mantra of practicing love everyday. I am so happy that I’m on this journey with them. If you’re reading this because you’re considering doing their mentorship program and want to have a successful and fulfilling career in photography, I could not recommend them enough. Investing in Ally and Nick’s mentorship program will get you twelve steps ahead. Thank you Ally and Nick - I love you guys!

olivia kate photography

Ontario, Canada + Beyond

I connected with Ally + Nick when I was looking for guidance on how to grow my wedding photography business. When we initially met over zoom to chat about a mentorship possibility, I was instantly comfortable and drawn to their warm energy and kindness - I now have come to know them as two of the most kind and genuine humans. Throughout my mentorship they were there with me every step of the way, thoroughly explaining, demonstrating, teaching and answering any questions that I had. I learned SO much from their expertise and knowledge, but also from their attitudes and energy.

From the start I knew I would learn and grow with their guidance, but what I didn't expect was to feel so beyond supported not only in my business but as a friend, well beyond our mentorship timeline. I'm so happy and grateful to call Ally + Nick friends now and am forever thankful to have learned from these two insanely talented, kind, creative and giving humans. Best decision ever!!

Ontario, Canada + Beyond

Ally and Nicholas helped me take my business at its very beginning of when I decided to take it full time. I had a good idea on how to be a business woman coming from a corporate job but how to be a great photographer and capture perfect candid moments was something I was lacking. Ally and Nick took my current skills and helped fine tune them into what they are today. Ally and Nick not only helped me become a better photographer but a better person with their big hearts, sweet souls and want to help no matter the issue. They inspired me and still do to challenge myself each day to find areas of my work I want to grow in and work towards those goals. I cannot express how much thanks and gratitude I have for them for helping me over the last year. Anyone who has the change to meet and learn from them will not regret it as it will be the best investment you make into yourself and your business.


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If you are interested in connecting about any of our mentorship offerings, please connect with us to share about your goals, desires and visions.