The Wedding Legends Workshop

The Wedding Legends Workshop

“When you create a legendary experience on the day a couple’s legend begins, you become a wedding legend”

As a wedding photographer, you have the power to make or break someone’s experience on the day they get married.

Your energy, guidance and intentions will affect everyone around you. If you can create a memorable experience for a couple, they will have a stronger emotional attachment to the images you provide. This business isn’t just about photography, it’s about people. It’s about connecting with them and showing them that their life and, most importantly, their love is meaningful. You’re creating feelings, and those feelings illuminate their memories.

A Wedding Legend is responsible for creating the memory of someone’s legacy.

You’re accountable for delivering a memory so special that your clients want to share it with their world. They can hold it, touch it, and feel it. This is a powerful line of work and we want more photographers to know the power of this business. Your intentions should be to become the very best you can be for the couples entrusting you with their memories. Become a Wedding Legend and make your couples feel legendary.


The Wedding Legends Workshop is an intimate, hands-on, small batch masterclass, focused on connection and education for photographers seeking to expand their capabilities in the realm of wedding photography. All attendees walk away with new enhancements to their style and ways to expand their brand and business, and one lucky photographer from each workshop will also be gifted with a $2000 cheque to re-invest into their business. It’s the first workshop of its kind to give back to an aspiring photographer and our way of sharing our passion for the industry we care so much about.

The workshop will be hosted by us, Ally Payetta and Nicholas Gonko, (of Ally + Nicholas Photography). Attendees will spend an entire day hanging out and learning from us. Our goal is to support you in taking your art and business to the next level. We will be covering the importance of connecting with your couples, discovering your ‘why’, setting intentions, the power of understanding light / how to use it and teaching you how to expand your brand and achieve brand consistency.


What will you have to invest?

$800 CAD


How long is the workshop? And where?

Our 2021 Workshops will be taking place in Muskoka (Ontario, Canada)

— 2021 Workshop dates TBD. Fill out our contact form to join our waitlist

— Each workshop will allow a maximum of 10 photographers.

Who Is This Workshop For?

A photographer who is:

— Looking to improve their photography skills
— Wanting to build and grow a sustainable + successful photography business
— Has goals to improve their brand + use of light
— Needing to invest in growing their business and art
— Looking for new inspirations and perspectives

What Will You Get From This Workshop?

— Inspiration
— The importance of connection + storytelling
— The importance of light and how to use it
— Branding + learning your why
— How to connect with your clients
— Shattering the belief that Instagram Likes=A Sustainable Business
— The opportunity to build your portfolio working with real couples
— Tips on how to grow your business
— Editing Tips
— Fresh perspectives on the industry

Who Gets The Cheque for $2000?!

— Attendees will fill out a quick questionnaire providing us with some information about who they are, their goals, their ‘why’ and what they would use the money for.
— We will also ask for three submissions of your work:
— 5 images before the workshop,
— 5 images from the workshop
— 5 images within 30 days of completion of the workshop.
The cash prize will be awarded within 45 days of the completion of each workshop.

What else is included?

Lunch and snacks are included in the price of the workshop. Lot’s of snacks! And lots of water! Please provide us with any dietary restrictions at least 15 days prior to your workshop date.

What type of portfolio work can you expect?

There will be two shooting components. We will have a real couple modeling in an indoor space for an in-home style session, as well as an outdoor component shooting in different lighting situations. There will be lots shooting time, and individual shooting time, with hands on assistance from us and guest photographers.

How do I reserve my spot?

To reserve your space please fill out the contact form below to help us get some more information about you and your business! Spaces be will reserved on a first come first serve basis. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot in the workshop.

The remaining 50% will be due 15 days prior to the workshop date.