Last year in May we finally took our dream European honeymoon! Two years late but we’re so happy we took this bucket list trip. We’ve always wanted to experience Europe together, but we’re always the busiest when the weather is the best in Europe. We found a break in our spring last year and decided to go for it! Life is too short so when we find an opportunity to do something life changing, we take it. We spent 24 days exploring Ireland, Scotland and Italy and did it all with carry-on luggage and a tripod! Throughout our time away we visited Galway, Dublin, Edinburgh, Inverness, Barcelona, Naples, Capri, Ana-capri, Positano, Amalfi, Praiano and Rome. We witnessed so much beauty in those 24 days. It was truly a life altering time away. We definitely encountered some challenges while traveling for so long throughout Europe. We walk and take public transit as much as we can which always makes for some fun stories when you’re waiting for buses and dragging bags from place to place. Ally’s wheels literally melted off her luggage walking up hills in Positano. The train doors also didn’t open at our stop in Rome that we ended up traveling all the way to Florence and had to turn right back around. We played a lot of cards on that train which was so nice to be disconnected from our phones and embracing quality time together.  The challenges while traveling made the trip even better. We are so grateful to have had this time together and for the people we met along the way who opened our eyes to the beauty of the world. It fuels our souls to be able to immerse ourselves in new cultures, new places, new faces and new experiences! The highlights of our time in Europe were the Harry-Potter train tour in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, the private boat tour we took in Capri, our villas in Positano and Praiano where we cooked and took in the views and of course, our surreal experience of Vatican City and the history it holds.

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