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Reiki is a Japanese healing technique to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and many other emotional and physical healing benefits. Reiki accesses and works with the unconscious parts of the mind to realize and bring into the awareness old, stagnant or negative energy, and removes it from your body, to allow life force energy to flow more easily.

Reiki can be performed in person, or long distance, using Reiki healing symbols.

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Breath Work

If we can control our state of breath, we can control our state of being.

Breath work is an active form of meditation that encompasses various breathing techniques that can control and elevate our state of being.

Our breath allows us to connect to our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

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+ Holistic Nutrition

We have the common misconception today that there is a one size fits all for healing, nourishing and eating. In Ancient practices, we first understand our unique energy and constitution. We understand how our energy works to find our balances and imbalances. And this is how we begin to heal. To know what foods we need, when is best to consume and how best to consume. We are not all the same. One food or plant that may be helpful for someone, could be hindering for another. This is why we want to get to know you first, gain deeper insight into your energy and being and begin the process of assisting you heal yourself through a holistic approach.

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Human Design is a very in-depth modern study that encompasses multiple ancient sciences; I Ching, Kabbalah and Astrology. Human Design is the science of discovering the map of YOU, the energy and qualities of your being, and how best to use your energy to interact with and understand the world around you. You are a unique being that is here to fulfill a unique soul purpose. Human Design is the act of de-conditioning our cultural selves to align with our authentic selves and allow us to exchange energy and interact with the world around us with more ease and flow.

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Yoga is an ancient practice that alleviates stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga practice improves our flexibility and muscle strength, improves respiration and energy, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, improves your cardiovascular and circulatory health, improves blood flow, helps you heal from and prevent injury, helps balance our hormones, calms the mind and allows us to elevate our consciousness. Daily yoga practice inspires you to connect with your higher self, practice self love and nourish your mind, body and soul.

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