Helping You Align with Nutrition, Foods and Plant Medicine that is specific for your being.

We have the common misconception in society today that there is a one size fits all for healing, nourishing and eating. In Ancient practices, we first understand our unique energy and constitution. We understand how our energy works to find our balances and imbalances. And this is how we begin to heal. To know what foods we need, when is best to consume and how best to consume. We are not all the same. One food or plant that may be helpful for someone, could be hindering for another. This is why we want to get to know you first, gain deeper insight into your energy and being and begin the process of assisting you heal yourself through a multidimensional holistic approach.

focused on supporting your gut through herbs and food

Nicholas is a Holistic Nutritionist and Ally is a Herbalist. Through our education, through own healing journeys and assisting others in their lives, we have seen how important it is to really accept and understand our differences. To understand the importance of our own energy, to get in tune with ones self and practice patience as we allow nature to restore, heal and recharge. There are ways we can heal and support our health without damaging the essential microbiome of our gut.

Let's start with a consultation to get to know you, your energy and needs.

Let's connect on a call to begin


Have you been navigating health concerns? Have the remedies you've tried caused more issues? Are you feeling lost or at a standstill? We would love to schedule an intake call to begin the process of getting to know you, your energy and your concerns better.

Creating your profile


Once we connect and gain more insight, we will create an online profile for you to answer questionnaires and perform some additional scans to gain more knowledge of your specific needs. Remember, nothing is one size fits all. We will be creating a plan based on YOU.

assisting you heal yourself


We want to help you understand yourself and provide you with the knowledge, tools and information to feel empowered in your own healing. It is important for us to create and maintain safe and supportive relationships while we help you on your journey to find what works for you. Our Holistic Nutrition and Herbalist approach will also include other forms of energy healing including movement, energy work and mindset approaches. Staying connected and checking in with you on throughout the process.

SElf empowerment

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