Human Design

align with your authentic self

Human Design is a modern, in-depth study that encompasses multiple ancient sciences; I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra System, Quantum Physics and Astrology. Human Design is the science of discovering YOU, your energy, the unique qualities of your being, and how best to use your energy to interact with and understand the world around you.

The act of de-conditioning your cultural self

What is Human Design?


You are a very special and unique being, that is here for a unique purpose with unique gifts and talents. Human Design is the act of de-conditioning our cultural selves. When we de-condition our cultural self, we align with our authentic selves, which allows us to exchange energy and interact with the world around us with more ease and flow. Embracing your authentic self is to to understand and embrace your uniqueness. Human Design teaches us and empowers us to embrace our authentic selves and innate gifts, to connect with your higher self and live in alignment with your soul purpose.



All I need is your birth date, birth time and birth location. With that information, we are able to gain a deeper understanding to you and your being!

My Human Design readings gives you a map of yourself that provides you with insight into your energy type, your strategies to help you with decision making, how you process information, your life purpose, your thriving environments, your best manifestation practices, self discovery into your personal qualities and how best you digest food and life.

Are you a certified reader?


Yes, I am certified Human Design reader, who has not only seen the positive impact of Human Design in my own life, but have seen the positive changes it has created in the lives of loved ones.

I was first introduced to Human Design by a soul sister of mine a few years ago. I was instantly intrigued and connected to this beautiful practice. Human Design made me feel so seen, so empowered and allowed me insight into my shadow work. It has allowed me to release doubt, to harness self love and confidence, and given me the gift to help me in my alignment with my authentic self. A journey I am continuing to work on and discover. It has allowed me to process and live life with less resistance, anxiety and stress.

what is the investment?


My Human Design readings will provide you with a 45 page PDF document of your energetic being. Your reading will be emailed to you and we will go over your reading together in a 2 hour phone call session. The investment for my readings are $222 CAD.

how do i book a session with you?






design + schedule



I will send up a follow up email with your reading and summary email of our time together, and access to my direct communication for further questions and energy work.

With the information provided, I will design your reading and we will schedule a call to go over the map of you and dive deep into your authentic self, what you are here to achieve and how best to exchange energy with the world around you.

I will connect with you after you fill out the initial form to process payment and confirm your details.

Knowing your birth place, birth date and most importantly birth time, I will design your reading.


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Kind Words

As soon as I found out that Ally was doing Human Design readings for others, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to get a reading done by her. The way she navigates life with such intention constantly inspires me - I knew it would be the right energetic fit. Throughout the reading, Ally was motivated & intrigued about learning my unique type which made me feel seen and heard. She was very thorough in explaining my bodygraph and made sure to help me understand the unique role I play in the world. Even a few days after my reading, I feel so validated in my being and confident in how I move forward through this life. Thank you so much for your time Ally! Xo

- Agnes

My best friend and I treated ourselves to a Human Design Reading with Ally. It was incredibly powerful. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves. You'll dive into your energy type, your thriving environments, your body graph, channels in your body, how you best make decisions, how you digest life and physically digest, how you process information and your personality, both conscious and unconscious and so much more!


Ally has such a fantastic way of explaining things. She communicates them is a way that is unique and super clear. She has such a special energy and I couldn’t recommend working with her enough. Ally did a human design reading for me and it gave me so much clarity and insight. She took so much time with me, provided me with great resources and was super helpful answering any questions I had. If exploring more about human design is something you’ve been considering, Ally is definitely your girl!