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Ally + Nicholas’ presets are designed to enhance the emotion of human connection in all lighting situations. A preset pack that is inspired by our inner light seekers to celebrate the beauty of light while honouring the authenticity of moments and natural shades of skin tones to connect the human spirit and feel emotional connections.

Anahata Preset

This preset is the foundation for all of our other presets. This is the preset is best used with consistent or direct lighting situations. Anahata is a great starting point to help you in your workflow

Earthshine Preset

This preset is best used with backlighting, brighter images or underexposed images when trying to achieve even highlights but keep the overall warmth while maintaining natural skin tones

Light Seeker Preset

This preset is best used in low, warm lighting situations. Candle light, string lighting, overhead lighting and sparkler images are when we use this preset. This preset allows us to enhance light when we have minimal lighting

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Moonlight Preset

For last light, blue hour or dark overcast images, this preset adds warmth to your cool images while still maintaining the beautiful blue tones. Easily adjust the temperature to cool down or warm your blues.

Solar Plexus Preset

Our most used golden hour presets to enhance those golden tones. Can also be used to add warmth and contrast to cool, shady images.

Sun Salutation Preset

One of our other sunset presets that is best used with backlighting and heavy green tones. This presets add warmth, magenta hues and can easily be adjusted to ensure skin tones remain looking natural

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• Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later
• Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later
• Adobe® Lightroom® CC Desktop 1.4 or later and Mobile


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Read our FAQs and if you can’t find the answer reach out

1. How many presets are in the pack?

Our Light + Love presets contain 6 colour presets that be used in different lighting situations!

2. How do I install the presets?

A PDF instruction guide will be sent to you with your presets to explain how to install your presets on your device.

3. Are these presets compatible with MAC and Windows?

Yes, all presets in this preset pack are compatible with both MAC and Windows!

4. Are they compatible with Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

Yes. These presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and above.

5. How will the presets be delivered?

Once you purchase, an email will be sent to you with a link to download the presets which will come as a zip folder.

You will also receive a PDF installation guide as well as a password protected editing video to share how we edit using our presets.

6. Have these presets been tested on different camera files?

Yes! We are Canon photographers (Mark IV + EOSR) and these presets have also been tested on Nikon and Sony files as well as older Canon models. We have also tested them on other photographers photos of different experience levels!

7. What equipment do you use?

We photograph with Canon MARK IV and Canon EOSR.

8. How can I make the most of my presets?

Always shoot in RAW.

This will give you the best opportunities using the presets. Please remember that depending on how you shoot, you may need to make adjustments to the presets.

Upon purchase, you will also have access to a video of editing tips using our presets.  

9. Do I have to be an experienced photographer to use these presets?


No matter where you are in your experience level you can use these presets. Depending on how you’re shooting you will need to make adjustments but that will only help you have a better understanding of light, tone and editing!

10. What is the difference between a RAW and a JPEG?

RAW files are large files that are stored with information, metadata and untouched images taken by your camera.

JPEGs are compressed files that give less opportunity to make adjustments to your image.

11. Can I use these presets on my mobile?

These presets are meant for desktop only.

We have a mobile preset back that you can find here!

12. Can I share my presets?

No. It is illegal to share. The license you buy is a single purchase license.

These presets cannot be extended to companies or other parties and may not be resold (whole or modified), loaned, and or freely given to another individual or party.

We are so happy to share our editing techniques and guidance to our community. Please respect artists and do not share our presets. 

Is my purchase eligible for a refund?

Due to the nature in which the presets are delivered there are no eligible refunds.

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