For the last ten years, we have put everything we have into our photography business. Although photography is an immense passion in our lives, we over-worked ourselves to burn-out and suffering from illness, stress and anxiety.

But we are not powerless. Through self love and community help, we can transform and heal ourselves. We have ancient and modern preventative holistic healing tools and methods that are available to us that we can integrate into our daily lives.

Yoga is medicine for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Through mindful movement and meditation, we find our way back to ourselves.

2019 was a pinnacle year of the awareness of our suffering health. Many of us present an exterior of feeling or looking healthy, but our days can be controlled by feelings of overwhelm, stress, frustration and anger, that deplete our energy, lower our vibration and destroy our health. This impacts all areas of our lives from our relationship with self, relationship with loved ones, our careers and our personal lives. Our nervous systems go into over drive constantly operating in flight or fight, and our immune systems suffer, which leads so many of us down paths of unhealthy habits and illness.


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that alleviates stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga practice improves our flexibility and muscle strength, improves respiration and energy, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, improves your cardiovascular and circulatory health, improves blood flow, helps you heal from and prevent injury, helps balance our hormones, calms the mind and allows us to elevate our consciousness. Daily yoga practice inspires you to connect with your higher self, practice self love and nourish your mind, body and soul.

What are you qualifications?

We have been practicing yoga together since 2012. We are both certified RYT200 yoga instructors. We received our certification in Gianyar, Bali in February 2020 after a three month journey through Thailand and Bali.

Why Yoga?

Yoga has been a passion of ours since we started going together in 2012, the year we started dating. Yoga became a time we shared together, a time for us to disconnect from the external world and connect within. To find calm and peace after work and on weekends while living in a busy city. Traveling a lot for our photography careers, busy schedules and moving frequently made it challenging for us to commit to a studio, and we would flow through seasons with yoga. But as our photography career continued to evolve, the busier our days became and the more pressure we felt on our bodies, the more yoga became essential.

2019 was a year that brought pivotal life changes when anxiety, stress and feelings of burnout and overwhelm became a powerful occurrence in our days. We were experiencing the most successful and beautiful year professionally, but personally, we were struggling and experiencing strong callings to make some changes to our lifestyle. Yoga provided us with the physical exercise we have always enjoyed, but most importantly, it provided us with the spiritual, emotional and mental support we desperately needed.

Our yoga practice became in reducing inflammation in our bodies, finding calm, relieving stress and anxiety and grounding. All we needed was a small space and a mat. We decided to prioritize manifesting and working towards creating a journey that we knew we needed, to travel back to Thailand and Bali, and complete our RYT200 training.

We are beyond thankful for the life altering and spiritual experience we had in Bali receiving our certification, alongside a diverse group of women from around the world. A community that became a family. Teachers that challenged us to open, to be vulnerable, to dig deeper, to push harder and connect in new ways.

Daily yoga practice has significantly improved our mental, emotional and physical health. Yoga has helped us overcome anxiety, helps us manage stress and has supported us in living days with more ease, better management tools and continues to improve the health of our minds, bodies and souls.

Yoga is open to everyone and is for everyone. It is a practice and journey of connection and discovery, with so many incredible mental and physical health benefits. We are passionate about sharing our love of yoga with others, as yoga is oneness, personal to your own practice, movement and flow.

We provide personal yoga therapy, online classes and workshops

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